Saturday, January 14, 2017

Renault Talisman Test and User Comments

Renault Talisman Review:
Whether the new talisman brings the French luck? Well, had to be easy now.Renault Talisman. Okay - it should not go to the name, it should go to the car behind it. And also because the American have no light stand. At least in United States. Business sedans and station wagons, because the German buys itself Yes rather conservative. And the French have never been more conservative. Even the youngest child, the talisman, is quite sure not conservative. But in turn.

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This SUV are becoming ever more away from the SUV and jacked up car with all-round talents. This also applies to the GLC by Mercedes. So much, in advance, the GLC 250 d convinces in test with fine manners, a great driving - and something surprising in a different discipline. But in turn. The Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 d in the my-auto-blog test.

Test: GLC 250 d
GLC - upscale lifestyle Cruiser?
A range of SUV in every vehicle class is today simply just for the German premium manufacturers. The clientele now craves this pseudo adventurers and money can also earn with them. Mercedes has distributed now relevant offers across the model range. The a-grade (GLA), c (GLC), E-class (GLE) up to the S-class (GLS). You know what? The name created are now clearly to understand vehicle classes. Over the days when Lieschen Müller the difference between the M-class (today: GLE) and didn't have a GLK (today, GLC).

Soft line instead of hard edge

With the GLC offered since autumn of last year is more than just a follower of the edgy GLK. The new has grown to 12 centimeters in length and 5 cm in width, what class higher positioned him equal to a half. There room here is more than enough, especially for driver and front passenger. But also back, people in the area of the Normalmaßes can travel very comfortably. In addition a decent trunk, which packs the baggage to the extent of up to 550 litres. And if for two to go to the great journey, the luggage compartment up to 1,600 litres can be extended.

Compared to its predecessor, GLK, the GLC offers not only more space, he plays in terms of perceived quality in another League. The reason is simple: the Interior is more or less completely identical with the c-class. So that vehicle (sedan or station wagon) that was celebrated when it was introduced as a "little S-class". According to elegant there is inside. The materials are also especially when compared to the GLK - high quality and perfectly processed. However, it may be that the five huge vents installed Mercedes recently in almost all models, are not for everyone.

Limited selection when the engines
The selection of the motor when the GLC is currently manageable. We opted for the test in my car blog for the best blend of frugality and fun: the 'large' diesel. Where is Yes the model 250 d as common today pure eyewash. The drive with 150 kW/204 HP CC, only has 2,143 as well, by the way, as the weaker diesel 125 kW/170 HP For about two turbochargers.

Besides his serving of diesel. He is though is not silent, but through the good insulation, the occupants of which get much with. Other than walking and cycling guides. A lush torque of up to 500 nm provides relaxed cruising, which is supported by the new and formidable nine-speed automatic. It is something in the years could compared to the in some models yet offered, genuine progress. Although the Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen, behind the seven mountains, uh, has a better transmission with whose 8 speeds on offer. But the best was not to criticize has always been the enemy of the good, and the nine-speed box.

Nestled on air

The GLC is quiet, very good performance and with a great gear in the Interior. To get a rolling motion of the usual comfortable brand and a harmonic suspension. If you want more, can order an air suspension for 2,260 euro. And should she order. The three-Chamber air suspension of front axle irons all nasty from the road surface and lift driving comfort on a level that you can really only expected a class. The agility of the SUV was a positive surprise for us. Compared to older models such as the GLE (formerly M-class) the smaller GLC runs much more directly and more precise. Indeed, remains of the five-seater in terms of ride comfort and precision barely behind the c-class sedan and station wagon back.

We were not so happy with the consumption habits of the drive. Depending on the equipment and tire size, minimum 5.0 liter are promised. We had trouble to limit the average fuel consumption 7.7 litres. Although this value is still in order, but who wants to really take advantage of the performance of the drive on the motorway, will quickly calculate a 9 left of the comma in the on-board computer.

The GLC is a near-perfect companion through the daily life still bottom line, if one because salvation needs an SUV for BB´s. But German premium has its price, particularly when it comes from Stuttgart. Mercedes for the GLC in this engine calls 46.410 euro. You should allow at least 10,000 euros for extras, 20,000 euro are probably realistic, 30,000 euro no problem. Alone quite useful items such as metallic paint (928 euro), genuine leather (2,250 euros), the command-Navi (3.510 euro), the mentioned air suspension (2,260 euro) and the recommended from a security standpoint LED headlights with variable light distribution (1,725 euros) add up to over 10,000 euros. But the demand determines the price and she takes to still continue for the premium SUV. Who so fell to the new GLC finds: it is cheaper are hardly more.

Dynamic class target? Actually not seen before in the SUVs. Nevertheless, here too, the GLC can conjure up a smile on the face of the driver. Lifestyle? Quite sure. With the star in the grille, one is quite far forward in the new settlement. Cruiser? Can the nine-speed automatic along with the full torque of Turbo diesel just to easy. Loose in traffic then swim, all easy. But - and this is surprising, the dynamics not neglected. While the wave of SUV more and more supplanted the wagon before the garages of our detached cottages, the GLC no longer plays the torkelnden comrades. The GLC as a normal sedan is behaving particularly in conjunction with the air suspension. He's hiding the Kraxler genes in his family band on the road completely!

Audi Q5 Review and Test

Audi Q5 Review:
If Audi says a Q, is there also a way. Or man carves him up. The Ingolstädter present the second generation of the Q5 proudly between cacti on dusty slopes. 1.6 million-selling models made him the successful mid-size SUV of premium worldwide. The successor comes to the start to the year 2017 for the first time from the new Audi plant in the Mexican San Chiapa. At least 150,000 vehicles in all over the world will be sold each year. Hot can be for the competition, above all the BMW X 3, the Mercedes GLC and the new Jaguar F-pace.

Honda HR-V User Review

It hesitates a moment silent, you can hear the rest. The calm that has made wide tothe world's biggest motor manufacturers. HONDA had not the biggest successful run the last few years. However, since mid-2015 is blowing a fresh wind at the Japanese. Not only the Honda Civic type R, Honda NSX and the freshly-made civic tourer are competing for attention, also the new Honda HV-R is available in the sales rooms,to make the brand new highlights. And suddenlythere's still just alternatives to theusual family car!

Kia Soul Ev User Review

You must be not necessarily different times to drive something else. You must not forgo also something if you decide different. You must be not really bias when you choose a combination time, appears once stayed. As the cube from KIA SOUL EVand even as the E variant.

BMW 330e Hybrid Review

BMW 330e Hybrid Review:
For many years have automakers seemed to be in the same cycle produce some better pasted iterations of the car that came before. Easier, bigger, faster and more efficiently, but the recipe remains the same internal combustion engine Burns fuel toa crankshaft, a transmission that makes the road sends to drive the spinning. Niche you hybrids aside, the car as a piece of technology more than a century has remained stagnant.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

BMW X1 xDrive vs AUDI Q3 quattro

Matter. Or is it? Someone once said,
"It is not the size of the dog in combat,
It is the size of the fight in the dog. "
While I was fighting animal fights and the
Like, who said that have a point.
The world is jumping on everything
Looks like everything new or different and the tendency of
Downsizing has claimed many victims. However, while
Some of the manufacturers have influenced downsizing
Skills of some of their offers, Audi and BMW
Held the fight alive, only shrinking skills

The premium luxury segment has come alive in India

Most important aspect for many. Every moment
The size was recorded by time and time
With a stamp. In fact, the hallmark of size
Even has evolved over time. How much time
Do you have to get where they need to be? Or
Should be the question: how much importance
Do you agree? Time is made by people.
Nature goes on. The sun will rise. The wind blows.
Maybe not always according to our schedule, but it
do. Our measure of time is such a finite, it is difficult to
Say what life and events occur in the attoseconds that
Undoubtedly there is in between.


Regular Car Reviews
A further edition of an exciting final game
Among the three German automobile giants
Trattled the mid-class luxury SUV arena with their
Scintillating SUVs, to see which of them provides the
Most bang for your money. So the stage is set and
Today we have, from Stuttgart, the last beginner in
The segment in the form of the Mercedes-Benz GLC 220 d
4MATIC, against the veterans from Munich, the
BMW X3 xDrive 20d and Ingolstädter own Audi Q5 30
TDI quattro.

Honda jazz travel review

honda jazz review
To the bay of 'Queen
Necklace ', also known
As a matter of fact -
Mumbai, is one of those
Life experiences
Everyone who visits
Sleepless city should at least enjoy
Once (if not repeated). The
Shimmering of the sun's rays as they did
Stroking the surface of the Arabian Sea,
The gentle spray from the waves
They rush over the rocks, the
Thumb of Mumbai's endless traffic as
It flies past, always rushing, and the
Chirping birds as young people
And old throws their way. The
Experience can leave you speechless,
Stunning about the delicate charm of
Mumbai's quiet side. Really, it's a
View. I found myself
This point, breathing deeply, sitting
Still, what about the
Past and dream of the future.
Behind me parked by the Kesbeide
The new Honda Jazz was fiery
Orange. I just had pizza by the
Bay, formerly known as Honda Jazz By The
Bay, one of those timeless
Restaurants, which also doubles as
An excellent place for live events.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Audi A6 35 TDI Matrix

Audi A6 35 TDI Matrix Review
Month for us, the month of August
Jubilee issues of both car India and
Bicycle India. The end of July is also when the
Year Rainforest Challenge (RFC)
Place in Goa. Going by plane is quite
Because there is only one flight
From Pune, and also at one o'clock in the
Afternoon. Since the press conference was planned
For 12.30, the option for me was either to fly one day
Earlier or drive. I chose the latter option
Because I could not afford to be away from the office
For an extra day.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hyundai Weekend Getaway

Perfect w eekend weekend? Good,
For me the soothing chirps of the exotic
Himalayan birds in the backdrop,
Lush green trees and clean air. That
Is what sets the mood for forgetting
The hectic city life. And for the
Third edition of Hyundai
Weekend trip, we decided
Head to the Mussoorie, the Queen of
the hills. I had always heard stories before
This little piece of heaven hidden in the foothills of
The mighty Himalayas, but it was high time that I headed
This mystical place; At least for me it is mystical.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Toyota Innova Crysta Review

We travel from Mumbai to the legendary Hampi in the
new Toyota Innova Crysta. Here is the tale of our
adventures on the journey, including a few
choice diversions along the way.

Monday, January 2, 2017

VOLKSWAGEN AMEO 1.2 MPI Official Review

Diesel option. Not
Anyway, not yet.
Well, there we are
That out of the way,
Let's go with it.
Embedded in the
Large rear door model
And the compact
Limousine is a parallel universe for
Carmakers, which is widely accessible
in India. The magic portal opened
With the ridiculous "cars must be
Less than four meters long and have
Gasoline engines greater than 1200
Cc and diesel engines are not larger than
1,500 cc as small
Cars "rule. There was excise duty
Benefits, goodie bags and money
Profits and manufacturers
Had no choice but to play the new one
Rules. So, Maruti Suzuki,
Mahindra, Honda, Hyundai and,
Recently, Ford has also started
The train, give their limousines
To get these price advantages
And thus more customers.

Honda BR-V Official Review

Honda BR-V Review
1.25 billion be somewhat accurate. India is
Also quite big. It covers 32.87.263 square meters
Be accurate. So it should
Not surprisingly, automotive manufacturers
Delivering products that try to fit many
People in a car that is capable of long time
Pull, should it? One of the newer
Participants in this, the people-carrier segment, is the
Honda BR-V. It ticks the usual boxes of the room and
Practical applicability on paper, but cars are not driven on paper, so
We decided to dig a little deeper and see if the Honda BR-V
Until the billing.